Case Study: FindMyAdventure's 3X Traffic Growth in 3 Months

FindMyAdventure is Pakistan's largest travel marketplace that connects tour operators and travelers. It enables users to discover, search, compare, and book trips and experiences all across Pakistan. FindMyAdventure raised a six-figure seed in March 2019 to become the

first travel startup in Pakistan to get funding.

The Challenge

FindMyAdventure came to us with the goal of increasing their digital footprint and becoming the biggest name in Pakistan's travel landscape.

We were brought on board to drive high-performance growth in their organic and paid search, setup analytics infrastructure, automate customer journey, and provide training to the internal teams.

The Solution

Technical SEO

We delivered a series of technical consultations throughout our engagement, including an in-depth crawl analysis. We were able to uncover a wide range of technical issues, including large-scale content duplication, keyword cannibalization, and crawl inefficiencies. This in turn assisted the identification of issues that may be causing a block to organic visibility.

Keyword Research

The objective was to understand the full breadth of keyword search patterns and trends in Pakistan's travel industry through a search behavior study to understand market size and opportunities for generating more organic search traffic. Based on this data we identified opportunities for expanding existing keyword/page-level targeting, and new content types to assist in capturing additional traffic.

Site Architecture

The new organic strategy required a full site architecture review in order to best assimilate those pages and maximize the flow link equity through the site.

Google Ads

We used a highly personalized single keyword ad group approach to target high intent keywords with a goal to create immediate impact. This led to an instant uptick in leads and gave us time to focus on the long term organic strategy.

Analytics & Attribution

We developed a custom analytics framework using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Sheets to streamline their processes and provide greater transparency into key metrics for tracking their growth. This also allowed them to attribute their sales to the right marketing channels and assign budgets to campaigns based on their ROI.

Automation & MarTech

We identified technologies from a number of different companies that integrated seamlessly to ensure that they complement each other so that everyone in marketing, as well as in your sales, finance, and other departments, is always on the same page.

As part of their MarTech stack, we developed a chatbot that allows users to build their custom trips and FindMyAdventure was able to generate quality leads without having a chat agent 24/7. These leads were automatically assigned to their sales agents in Pipedrive CRM using Zapier.


We worked together to build a strategic internal training roadmap on a list of key topics, their internal team learned about a variety of tools and processes, including basic technical SEO (including SEO tooling), fundamentals of Google Ads, website analytics, and tag management best practices. Our team also provided support in on-boarding new analysts, marketers, and SEOs.

The Results

All our initiatives were part of a wider growth strategy resulting in a 220% increase in traffic, and a further 325% in online revenue vs. last year.

All of this, in tandem with the efforts of the highly talented FindMyAdventure team, has moved them closer to the goal of transforming Pakistan’s travel industry.

What’s Next

The next challenge for FindMyAdventure is to showcase the spectacle of this incredible country to the entire world by positioning Pakistan as the world’s premier destination for adventure. We are confident that if any team can, it’s this team.

We will continue to play our part in helping FindMyAdventure realize their vision. Kudos to the team on what they have achieved so far and best of luck for their future challenges!

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